Riobelle Sweet Amore
_Thank you for all the enquiries about Rose.  I am delighted to say that Rose has found a wonderful home with a very experienced and cat orientated family.  Her new name is Florence and she is living with three other Siamese who love to chase up and down with her.  I am told she still loves her mousie however Florence has now gone hi-tech and had a mousie app on the IPad that she loves to chase.
I couldn't wish for a more loving home for such a special kitten who really touched my heart. She has finally grown in confidence through her family's love For anyone who is interested, you can follow her blog at http://a-cat-a-day.posterous.com/ or the previous blog http://fee-joyce.posterous.com/?page=1

Week Fourteen


The kittens had their second vaccination today and passed their vet check with flying colours.  They are now ready to go to their new home in a weeks time.  We will miss these little kittens and are so pleased Astrah and Amorosa will be staying at home.
Emunah & her kittens
Apologies for the late entry this week but we have been very busy with family staying and my son's birthday party.  The kittens have enjoyed lots of fuss from our visitors and love to be in the centre of all the action.
The kittens are growing up fast and are now running round the house.  Astrah, Ruby and Sukie (Rufus) are all getting into lots of mischief exploring however the baby of the litter, Rose, likes to stay close to mum still.
There are lots of photos to share from the past two weeks.

Week Eleven


The kittens have all been to the vets for their vaccinations and behaved very well.  Unfortunately the same couldn't  be said for their mum, Emunah, who went for her check up also.  She was so interested in what the vet was doing she climbed up the shelves and nearly knocked the computer to the floor!
The kittens have the run of the house now when we are there to supervise.  They delight in chasing each other up and down through the living room, dining room and kitchen, and Phoenix, never being one to miss a chase, usually goes flying after them!  We found SIX of their mice hidden under the sofa today.

Week Ten


This week I have registered the kittens and given them their pedigree names.  They are all named after varieties of roses; Riobelle Northern Lights, Riobelle Cherry Lady, Riobelle Sweet Amore and Riobelle Amorosa.

Week Nine


I've been away to the Cumberland Cat Show this weekend and brought back a whole host of new toys for the kittens.  They particularly loved the fishing rod with feathers on the string and have delighted in pulling it out of my hands and running off growling with it.  They have also been chasing around with little fur mice.
Our kitten family came round to visit the kittens again and the kittens are beginning to gain more confidence.  Rose is still sometimes a scaredy cat when faced with unfamiliar situations but she os a loving little girl.  Astrah and Rufus have absolutely no fear and Ruby is rather naughty too!

Week Eight


We have finally had our internet installed following our house move and the kitten diaries will be continuing. Please enjoy the photos below and I will be back to update on news hopefully tonight.

Week Six


I would like to introduce you to;

Astrah is staying at home with us.  She is a very sweet confident girl with a lot to say.  She will always come running when she sees us and demands to be picked up.
Astrah was originally named Robin but when we found she was a girl we changed her name to Astrah and we think it suits her well.

Rose is the baby of the litter and a littel sweetheart.  She is still very small and needs a lot of love and care.  Rose can be scared of new experiences and people as she is so tiny but with care and understanding Rose is a very happy and loving gentle girl.  She loves her cuddles to sleep and her ears flop over when she is tired.
Rose is reserved to go to a lovely home with her sister Rufus.

Ruby is a big friendly girl who is always playing and loves a cuddle.  Ruby is always running around and wrestling with the other kittens or chasing a feather.
Ruby is under option to stay at home.

Rufus is the biggest of the bunch.  He was such a chunky kitten I originally thought he was a boy hence the name Rufus which has stuck despite being a girl!  Rufus has been the first of the kittens to try everything and regularly likes to climb in bed in the middle of the night.  She is always ready for a game and fluffs her tail up like a bottle brush when she is excited.
Rufus is reserved to go to a lovely home with her sister

Week Three


This week the kittens are becoming more and more alert.  They sit up in the nest box and like to watch what it happening in the world outside.  One brave kitten even ventured out of the nest box in the night but I think he got a shock being out of his nice warm nest onto the cold hard floor so he shouted until I woke up and popped him back in with mum.
The kittens have been practicing walking and can now even run around the nest box however they are still very unstable and often run into walls or fall over.  They are also practicing their wrestling and pouncing techniques although they are still rather uncoordinated!
The kittens are making nice steady gains and Emunah continues to be a devoted mum.  Next week the kittens will be trying solid food for the first time and I will be posting all the pictures.

I am not taking kitten enquiries for this litter.  If you are interested in offering a home to a Riobelle kitten please continue to follow their kitten diary and when kittens become available I will post details on my website.

Riobelle Siamese are moving house!  We will have no telephone or internet until 13th September.

Week Two


The kittens are continuing to grow well this week but we are having a lot of trouble deciding whether these babies are boys and girls!  Normally this becomes clearer as the kittens grow but they really aren't helping us this time!  Although I have named the kittens, sexes may change and don't be surprised if Rufus turns into Rufusina!
Emunah is beginning to venture out of the kitten box now and has even been playing on our new cat tree.  She is hungry all the time with feeding her kittens and will go through several pouches of food every day as well as her wet food.  It is important that lactating queens have as much food as they like and lots of high quality food as well so Emunah is having plenty of treats such as chicken and tuna as well as her usual food.
The kittens are much more alert and aware of their surroundings now and are beginning to sit up.  They are also a very noisy bunch who like to shout about everything!