Week Six


I would like to introduce you to;

Astrah is staying at home with us.  She is a very sweet confident girl with a lot to say.  She will always come running when she sees us and demands to be picked up.
Astrah was originally named Robin but when we found she was a girl we changed her name to Astrah and we think it suits her well.

Rose is the baby of the litter and a littel sweetheart.  She is still very small and needs a lot of love and care.  Rose can be scared of new experiences and people as she is so tiny but with care and understanding Rose is a very happy and loving gentle girl.  She loves her cuddles to sleep and her ears flop over when she is tired.
Rose is reserved to go to a lovely home with her sister Rufus.

Ruby is a big friendly girl who is always playing and loves a cuddle.  Ruby is always running around and wrestling with the other kittens or chasing a feather.
Ruby is under option to stay at home.

Rufus is the biggest of the bunch.  He was such a chunky kitten I originally thought he was a boy hence the name Rufus which has stuck despite being a girl!  Rufus has been the first of the kittens to try everything and regularly likes to climb in bed in the middle of the night.  She is always ready for a game and fluffs her tail up like a bottle brush when she is excited.
Rufus is reserved to go to a lovely home with her sister

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