Week Three


This week the kittens are becoming more and more alert.  They sit up in the nest box and like to watch what it happening in the world outside.  One brave kitten even ventured out of the nest box in the night but I think he got a shock being out of his nice warm nest onto the cold hard floor so he shouted until I woke up and popped him back in with mum.
The kittens have been practicing walking and can now even run around the nest box however they are still very unstable and often run into walls or fall over.  They are also practicing their wrestling and pouncing techniques although they are still rather uncoordinated!
The kittens are making nice steady gains and Emunah continues to be a devoted mum.  Next week the kittens will be trying solid food for the first time and I will be posting all the pictures.

I am not taking kitten enquiries for this litter.  If you are interested in offering a home to a Riobelle kitten please continue to follow their kitten diary and when kittens become available I will post details on my website.

Riobelle Siamese are moving house!  We will have no telephone or internet until 13th September.

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