The kittens have all now gone to their new homes and I have had some lovely emails and photos from their new families who are so pleased with them.  I know how much they will be loved and cared for and I am so pleased the kittens have found such lovely homes.
Apollo has stayed an extra week to go to the Durham Counties show.  He had an amazing day winning a first in his open class,  Best of Breed and then going on to win Best of Variety.  We couldn't be more thrilled and have had some lovely comments from his judge.
Apollo's mum Emunah also did very well gaining a first in her open, Best of Breed and her first CC.  Thanks to both their judges, Jenny Jones and Norma Farnsworth.

Week Twelve


The kittens have all recieved their final vaccination and will be ready to go to their new homes at thirteen weeks.  They are causing mayhem, especially when all five of them sit on top of the kitchen door!  They are also determined to kill my Ugg boots and I keep catching Jasper dragging them into his play tunnel or running round with a mouthful of fluff.  I think their new owners are going to have their hands full!

Week Eleven


I can't believe we have got to week eleven so quickly and I know how excited all the kitten families are getting waiting to bring their new kitten home.  They will go for their finally vaccination next week and then to their new homes a week later.
This week the kittens have been causing mayhem everywhere they go.  They were especially pleased with themselves when they all managed to climb up and sit on the top of the kitchen door, nearly frightening the life out of me!  I think their new families are going to be very busy!
There's just a few photos this week but I will be posting more next week.

Week Ten


This week the kittens have all been for their vaccinations and vet health check..  They passed with flying colours and were ask good as gold.  They were  also loved by the whole vet practice.  The kittens will go back for their second vaccinations in three weeks and will then be ready for their new homes a week after that..
Sapphire & Jasper and Nero & Apollo have had visits from their new families and it is nice to properly get to know the families and know what super homes my kittens have found.
This week the kittens have taken over the house!  They are getting into absolutely everything and have given me a few heart stopping moments by fallng asleep in drawers or climbing up the bookcase.  They are certainly lively playful kittens who have mad half hours chasing each other around.  They then all collapse in a heap together and fall fast asleep for an hour or two.

Week Nine



Week Eight


This week has been a very busy week with Katy's kittens being born.  All Emunah's kittens are growing up so fast and will be with their new owners soon.  Sapphire & Jasper's new family came to visit again at the weekend and it was lovely to get to know their new owners.
The kittens have enjoyed sunbathing this week and have been doing lots of posing for photos.  Emunah is still feeding the kittens and being a very tolerant mum to their games.  They have been wormed again this week and will be going for their vaccinations and vet check next week.

Week Seven


This week the kittens have all learnt to jump and were rather pleased to find they could jump to previously out of reach places.  They gallop around the living room chasing each other or playing with mice.  All the new kitten families have been to visit in the past few weeks and all the kittens have found special homes.

Week 6


The kittens now have the run of the living room and often the house and they are getting into everything.  This weekend they have been up the chimney hence the pictures of a rather sooty red point boy and a red oriental boy with a black quiff!  They have also been meeting the other cats and learning cat etiquette with varying success.  They are so playful now they pounce on everything they see including my toes and have mad half hours tearing around.  They then wear themselves out and all fall asleep in a   The kittens have moved out of the nest box and now sleep in the various cubby holes and baskets of the cat tree.  Emunah is still feeding the kittens wherever she feels like it, even on my knee!
The kittens are all eating food now and enjoy Applaws tins, chicken & mince and Royal Canin babycat biscuits.  They no longer need any hand feeding and can lap up all their food and water from saucers.  They still enjoy a drink from mum though!  The kittens's litter training is also going very well and we haven't had any accidents thankfully.
The kittens' new owners came to visit this week and they have all found good homes.  The tortie point girl and the red oriental boy are going together and their new names will be Jasper & Sapphire which suits them perfectly.  The apricot boy with a kinked tail is going to be living in Perth and the other apricot boy is going to a family near Newcastle to join their other Siamese boy.

Week Five


The kittens have now all moved into the living room to get used to the family and everyday noise.  They are running around pouncing on each other and throwing their toy mice around.  All the kittens are now eating 3-4 meals a day and have grown rapidly.  They are vet checked during the week and all are healthy and good sized little kittens.  Next week some of the prospective new owners are coming to meet the kittens for the first time and I am looking forward to introducing them.

Week Four


The kittens are now running free in the bedroom!  Emunah has finally allowed me to move them from their draughty underbed drawer nest to their heated and insulated kitten nest.  When I come into the room they all pile out and climb up my legs to sit on me.  With being partially hand reared the kittens are very people orientated and love to snuggle up on me.  They are still in my bedroom but will be moving into the living room soon as they love nothing better than to play all night and then squeak for their breakfast at 7am.
I started trying the kittens on food this week and all but the red oriental love it.  They climb through it, gobble it up and smear it everywhere but the red oriental has a better plan and nips round for a sneaky drink from mum while the other kittens are busy eating.  Since eating solid food the kittens have gained much more weight and have podgy little tummies now.

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