Week Ten


This week the kittens have all been for their vaccinations and vet health check..  They passed with flying colours and were ask good as gold.  They were  also loved by the whole vet practice.  The kittens will go back for their second vaccinations in three weeks and will then be ready for their new homes a week after that..
Sapphire & Jasper and Nero & Apollo have had visits from their new families and it is nice to properly get to know the families and know what super homes my kittens have found.
This week the kittens have taken over the house!  They are getting into absolutely everything and have given me a few heart stopping moments by fallng asleep in drawers or climbing up the bookcase.  They are certainly lively playful kittens who have mad half hours chasing each other around.  They then all collapse in a heap together and fall fast asleep for an hour or two.

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