Week 6


The kittens now have the run of the living room and often the house and they are getting into everything.  This weekend they have been up the chimney hence the pictures of a rather sooty red point boy and a red oriental boy with a black quiff!  They have also been meeting the other cats and learning cat etiquette with varying success.  They are so playful now they pounce on everything they see including my toes and have mad half hours tearing around.  They then wear themselves out and all fall asleep in a   The kittens have moved out of the nest box and now sleep in the various cubby holes and baskets of the cat tree.  Emunah is still feeding the kittens wherever she feels like it, even on my knee!
The kittens are all eating food now and enjoy Applaws tins, chicken & mince and Royal Canin babycat biscuits.  They no longer need any hand feeding and can lap up all their food and water from saucers.  They still enjoy a drink from mum though!  The kittens's litter training is also going very well and we haven't had any accidents thankfully.
The kittens' new owners came to visit this week and they have all found good homes.  The tortie point girl and the red oriental boy are going together and their new names will be Jasper & Sapphire which suits them perfectly.  The apricot boy with a kinked tail is going to be living in Perth and the other apricot boy is going to a family near Newcastle to join their other Siamese boy.

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