Week Four


The kittens are now running free in the bedroom!  Emunah has finally allowed me to move them from their draughty underbed drawer nest to their heated and insulated kitten nest.  When I come into the room they all pile out and climb up my legs to sit on me.  With being partially hand reared the kittens are very people orientated and love to snuggle up on me.  They are still in my bedroom but will be moving into the living room soon as they love nothing better than to play all night and then squeak for their breakfast at 7am.
I started trying the kittens on food this week and all but the red oriental love it.  They climb through it, gobble it up and smear it everywhere but the red oriental has a better plan and nips round for a sneaky drink from mum while the other kittens are busy eating.  Since eating solid food the kittens have gained much more weight and have podgy little tummies now.

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