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Both kittens have found a home together

I am delighted that Beau and Amaias have found a special home together.  Their new names are Otis and Ava and they are settling in well together and enjoying their new toys (although Otis still loves his mousie).  I know the kittens will have a lovely home together and their new family have told me they adore them already.  This is my last post for this kitten diary and a very happy ending.

Video Time



We have two kittens looking for a home.
Amaias (lilac point girl) & Beau (red point boy)

I wanted to share some photos of the kittens playing this week.

We have two kittens looking for a home.
Amaias - lilac point female & Beau- red point male.

The kittens have had a great week playing with everything they can find!  Amaias loves to jump into the (empty) bath and chase her tail round and round in circles, with Beau watching in amazement from the safety of the bath side.  Amaias has also stolen all of my hair bands and Istashed them under the piano.  Amaias was delighted when I discovered them and started chasing around again with a band in her mouth.
I bought a Skinneeez toy mouse this week and Beau has gone crazy for it!  He spent an hour throwing it up and catching it while happily growling to himself before tucking it in my son's shoe to play with later.  Amaias had been watching from her bed pretending she wasn't interested until Beau left it in the shoe.  Then she crept out and ran off with Beau's mouse with him in quick persuit, bellowing that she dared touch HIS mouse!  Since then Beau has carried his mouse everywhere, even to bed.  He will certainly be packing it in his suitcase when he finds his special new home.  The house is never quiet with two delightfully playful kittens running around!

Beau and Amaias are looking for a special home together.
Please contact me for further details.

Amaias peacefully sleeping with her mum.
Beau playing with his new mouse.
"Psst I've got a secret to tell you!"
Beau and Amaias together.

Available Kittens



We have two kittens looking for a home

I have two kittens looking for a home together - Amaias, a lilac point girl, and Beau, a red point boy.  I am willing to consider a discounted price for the perfect loving home for these kittens.

Both kittens are happy and settled and love to play together.  I am looking for a home for both kittens and do not want to separate them as they are such firm friends.  They are lively and confident kittens, always playing or snuggling on my knee.  They have been brought up with my family and other cats and will make super loving pets.

Both kittens are vaccinated, litter trained, registered with the GCCF and come with insurance, pedigree and kitten pack.  Beau is also neutered and microchipped.


Amaias is a very sweet lilac point girl kitten with a big purr. Amaias was born on Valentines Day and has lived up to her name meaning love; always wanting cuddles or a lap to sleep on. She can be a fiesty kitten chasing after her pipecleaner spider or shouting very loudly for chicken!

Amaias is looking for a very special home with her brother where she will be loved as much as she loves everyone.


Beau is a red point Siamese boy who loves to play.  He is always chasing his sister around or playing with his mousie.  Beau  is normally in the middle of everything  and trouble could be his middle name!  In fact he is named after Rum Tum Tugger from T.S. Elliot's poem in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and we often call him Rummy.

Beau is a chunky kitten with huge paws who will be a big loving boy as he grows up.  If he isn't dashing around with his mousie, Beau loves to sleep in my arms purring loudly.

Beau has been neutered and is looking for a pet home with his sister.

New Homes


Nearly all the kittens have now left for their new homes.  The house is very quiet without them but I know what super homes they have gone too.  Romeo and Amora (now called Prince and Aurora) went to their new home together as did Amory and Sabiha.  I am always so glad when kittens go together as I know how nice it is for both the kittens and the new owners.
Lyra has gone to live in a very Siamesey household with some friends of mine; Alex and Geraldine of Laokind Siamese.  Hopefully I will be seeing Lyra on the show bench in the near future.

Its the last few days until the kittens go to their new homes.  Rummy (Riobelle Rum Tum Tugger) will be staying at home for a little longer but all the other kittens have found super homes.

Week Thirteen


The kittens are thirteen weeks today and will soon be leaving for their new homes.  Final vaccinations have been this week and I have been busy gathering their kitten packs to take to their new homes.  I will miss the little guys; they have been a very special litter.
There's only a few photos this week as it has been particularly busy, I hope you enjoy.

Week Twelve


The kittens have all found their new homes now and I know they will be very loved and spoilt.  It will be very quiet when they go as I am used to seven kittens (and usually a couple of cats) tearing around the house with a mouse or all seven squeezing onto my knee for a cuddle.
Belle keeps bringing the kittens presents of shoes and mice to encourage them to hunt however the kittens seem much more interested in chewing my books and hiding my hair bobbles under the wardrobe!

The kittens

Riobelle Lyra
Riobelle Panserbjorne
Riobelle Sabiha
Riobelle Rum Tum Tugger
Riobelle Amaias
Riobelle Amory
Riobelle Amora

Week Eleven



Thank you for your enquiries but all my kittens have now been reserved.

I can't believe it is week eleven already!  Time has flown with these kittens and it has been a pleasure to have them.
I'm afraid there are only a few photos this week as it has been a busy week.  I know kitten families will be keen to see photos of their chosen kittens and I will post individual pictures as soon as I can.
The kitten's personalities are really coming through now.  Beau, Sabiha and Amory are very boisterous and confident kittens, Amora, Amaias and Romeo are much more relaxed lap cats and Lyra just loves a cuddle.  There have been kitten visitors this week and the kittens have shown how confident and friendly they are, jumping all over our visitors and then curling up on their knee for a nap.  Sabiha has been showing off with her favourite orange mouse, running round the house with it in her mouth and growling at the other kittens to tell them that it is hers!  Little Amory has grown lots and lots and is now walking with a swagger!  Beau is just naughty and suits his pedigree name of Riobelle Rum Tum Tugger.  All the other kittens have kept their names for their pedigrees with the exceptions of Juliet who has become Riobelle Lyra and Romeo who is now Riobelle Panserbjorne.  Panserbjorne is the name of the snow bears in His Dark Materials (in which Lyra is the main character) and we thought it suited Romeo who is like a big gentle bear with frosty lilac points.  Romeo is the last kitten to be looking for a home as Amora will be staying at home for a little longer.

Week Ten


Kitten families have been visiting this week and most of the kittens have now found a home.  We still have Romeo and Amora looking for a special home.
The kittens have been for their first vaccination and vet check this week and passed with flying colours.  The only trouble was trying to get the cats back out the surgery with the whole waiting room cooing over them!
Working out kitten colours is notoriously difficult, trying to work out from a smudge of colour on their nose, what colour they will be when they grow.  This week the kittens' colours have really developed and I now have blues, lilacs, a lilac tortie and a cream point.

Beau - Cream Point Boy
Stays at Home
Amaias - Lilac Point Girl
Amora - Lilac Point Girl
Stays at Home
Lyra - Lilac Tortie Point Girl
Romeo - Lilac Point Boy
Available to pet home
Sabiha & Amory
Blue Point Girl & Boy