Week Eleven



Thank you for your enquiries but all my kittens have now been reserved.

I can't believe it is week eleven already!  Time has flown with these kittens and it has been a pleasure to have them.
I'm afraid there are only a few photos this week as it has been a busy week.  I know kitten families will be keen to see photos of their chosen kittens and I will post individual pictures as soon as I can.
The kitten's personalities are really coming through now.  Beau, Sabiha and Amory are very boisterous and confident kittens, Amora, Amaias and Romeo are much more relaxed lap cats and Lyra just loves a cuddle.  There have been kitten visitors this week and the kittens have shown how confident and friendly they are, jumping all over our visitors and then curling up on their knee for a nap.  Sabiha has been showing off with her favourite orange mouse, running round the house with it in her mouth and growling at the other kittens to tell them that it is hers!  Little Amory has grown lots and lots and is now walking with a swagger!  Beau is just naughty and suits his pedigree name of Riobelle Rum Tum Tugger.  All the other kittens have kept their names for their pedigrees with the exceptions of Juliet who has become Riobelle Lyra and Romeo who is now Riobelle Panserbjorne.  Panserbjorne is the name of the snow bears in His Dark Materials (in which Lyra is the main character) and we thought it suited Romeo who is like a big gentle bear with frosty lilac points.  Romeo is the last kitten to be looking for a home as Amora will be staying at home for a little longer.


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