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We have two kittens looking for a home

I have two kittens looking for a home together - Amaias, a lilac point girl, and Beau, a red point boy.  I am willing to consider a discounted price for the perfect loving home for these kittens.

Both kittens are happy and settled and love to play together.  I am looking for a home for both kittens and do not want to separate them as they are such firm friends.  They are lively and confident kittens, always playing or snuggling on my knee.  They have been brought up with my family and other cats and will make super loving pets.

Both kittens are vaccinated, litter trained, registered with the GCCF and come with insurance, pedigree and kitten pack.  Beau is also neutered and microchipped.


Amaias is a very sweet lilac point girl kitten with a big purr. Amaias was born on Valentines Day and has lived up to her name meaning love; always wanting cuddles or a lap to sleep on. She can be a fiesty kitten chasing after her pipecleaner spider or shouting very loudly for chicken!

Amaias is looking for a very special home with her brother where she will be loved as much as she loves everyone.


Beau is a red point Siamese boy who loves to play.  He is always chasing his sister around or playing with his mousie.  Beau  is normally in the middle of everything  and trouble could be his middle name!  In fact he is named after Rum Tum Tugger from T.S. Elliot's poem in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and we often call him Rummy.

Beau is a chunky kitten with huge paws who will be a big loving boy as he grows up.  If he isn't dashing around with his mousie, Beau loves to sleep in my arms purring loudly.

Beau has been neutered and is looking for a pet home with his sister.


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