I don't know where the time has gone but I have got some more pictures to share.  Lovebird is now called Jade and living very happily in Shropshire.  Opus is living the life of luxury with his half brother and sister Sapphire and Jasper.  We had the pleasure of  taking Opus to his new home and meeting Sapphire and Jasper at 5 months old.  We still remembered them as kittens but they had grown into beautiful elegant sleek cats in beautiful condition.  Many thanks to their owners for caring for them so well.
FIrebird will be leaving in a couple of weeks to begin his new life in London.  He is such an energetic boy who is into absolutely everything and loves wrestling with the other kittens.  He is also a big softie who loves cuddles and his tummy tickled.  If any kitten is every naughty you can be sure that Firebird (or Nuke as he will be called) will be at the bottom of it!
Phoenix will be staying at home and may even one day be out on the show bench but we shall have to wait and see.  Until then she will enjoy a life of Riley sunbathing and lounging with her mum.  She is a very sweet and affectionate kitten who takes her boisterous brother in her stride and loves to cuddle up and go to sleep in my arms.


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