Firebird needs a home!
This week we are very sad to say that Firebird's new family have decided they do not want him after all, after several weeks of time wasting.  Poor Firebird is now looking for a family of his own.  We have become very attached to this naughty lad and, truth be told, he is a bit of a mummy's boy and loves to sleep in my arms.  However it is fair to Firebird that he does have his own special family, maybe with the company of one or two other cats to play with.  He loves his sister, Phoenix, and they are often curled up with Phoenix's head on him and his arms around her.
We bought Firebird a kickeroo this week which has been a huge success!  he has been carrying it around, throwing it, kicking it and finally, sleeping with it.  we haven't the heart to tell him it is pink!
Firebird loves his food and is fully litter trained.  He usually sleeps curled up with all the other kittens and their mums, Belle & Katy, however if he can sneak into my bed he will do and snuggle up to go to sleep!
If you think you could offer Firebird that special loving home he needs please contact me.


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