Week Twelve


This week our new kitten families have been to visit the kittens and they have loved being fussed over.  Now it is just little Firebird, our red Oriental boy, who is looking for a special home.  Little Lovebird is going to live on a farm in Shropshire and I know she will be spoilt rotten by her new family.  Opus is going to join his half brother and sister and their friend, Pepper,  with one of our kitten families from Emunah's litter and Phoenix will be staying at home.
We have been having a new kitchen fitted this week ready for our move over the summer and the kittens have been very interested in all the comings and goings.  They really love to be the centre of attention in everything and were desperate to 'help'.  To their annoyance they have been confined to the living room where they have been forced to sunbathe and play on the cat tree.  Its a hard life!
Belle and Katy have decided to share maternal duties and care for all the kittens together.  It is lucky I have a big nest box that will fit all the kittens and their mum's in too.  It is lovely to see all the kittens playing together and then fall asleep in one big kitten pile.
The kittens will be going for their final vaccination and vet check this week so they are ready to go to their new homes in two weeks time.


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