Week Ten


The kittens have been for their vaccinations and vet check this week and have passed with flying colours.  The red boy has discovered his voice today and ran around growling at the other cats and throwing his mouse into the air.  The lilac girl has also been getting very brave.  She went crazy when she smelt bacon this morning and stole it from all the other cats.  She was so nippy it took them a while to realise what this naughty little kitten was doing but then she got a smacked bum from Emunah (who is also rather fond of bacon).
Everytime I sit down, even for a second, I seem to have four kittens climbing on my knee.  They really are the most loving little kittens who want to have cuddles all the time.  Proper velcro kitttens!

We are looking for special homes for our red Oriental boy and lilac Oriental girl.  Please contact me if you feel you could offer such a home.

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