Many thanks to everyone who enquired about this lovely boy but he has now gone to his new home.
Firebird is now known as Basil and he is enjoying life in the countryside of Yorkshire with his new friend, Sid, a Siamese boy as well as his human family.  We are confident that he will be very happy and ;oved in his new home and I am sure he will be causing chaos very soon!  Pictures to follow soon.

For those of you who were following Phoenix's story, details and photos can be found on her very own page

Belle has two kittens available- please see her kitten diary for details.
Firebird needs a home!
This week we are very sad to say that Firebird's new family have decided they do not want him after all, after several weeks of time wasting.  Poor Firebird is now looking for a family of his own.  We have become very attached to this naughty lad and, truth be told, he is a bit of a mummy's boy and loves to sleep in my arms.  However it is fair to Firebird that he does have his own special family, maybe with the company of one or two other cats to play with.  He loves his sister, Phoenix, and they are often curled up with Phoenix's head on him and his arms around her.
We bought Firebird a kickeroo this week which has been a huge success!  he has been carrying it around, throwing it, kicking it and finally, sleeping with it.  we haven't the heart to tell him it is pink!
Firebird loves his food and is fully litter trained.  He usually sleeps curled up with all the other kittens and their mums, Belle & Katy, however if he can sneak into my bed he will do and snuggle up to go to sleep!
If you think you could offer Firebird that special loving home he needs please contact me.

I don't know where the time has gone but I have got some more pictures to share.  Lovebird is now called Jade and living very happily in Shropshire.  Opus is living the life of luxury with his half brother and sister Sapphire and Jasper.  We had the pleasure of  taking Opus to his new home and meeting Sapphire and Jasper at 5 months old.  We still remembered them as kittens but they had grown into beautiful elegant sleek cats in beautiful condition.  Many thanks to their owners for caring for them so well.
FIrebird will be leaving in a couple of weeks to begin his new life in London.  He is such an energetic boy who is into absolutely everything and loves wrestling with the other kittens.  He is also a big softie who loves cuddles and his tummy tickled.  If any kitten is every naughty you can be sure that Firebird (or Nuke as he will be called) will be at the bottom of it!
Phoenix will be staying at home and may even one day be out on the show bench but we shall have to wait and see.  Until then she will enjoy a life of Riley sunbathing and lounging with her mum.  She is a very sweet and affectionate kitten who takes her boisterous brother in her stride and loves to cuddle up and go to sleep in my arms.

Week Twelve


This week our new kitten families have been to visit the kittens and they have loved being fussed over.  Now it is just little Firebird, our red Oriental boy, who is looking for a special home.  Little Lovebird is going to live on a farm in Shropshire and I know she will be spoilt rotten by her new family.  Opus is going to join his half brother and sister and their friend, Pepper,  with one of our kitten families from Emunah's litter and Phoenix will be staying at home.
We have been having a new kitchen fitted this week ready for our move over the summer and the kittens have been very interested in all the comings and goings.  They really love to be the centre of attention in everything and were desperate to 'help'.  To their annoyance they have been confined to the living room where they have been forced to sunbathe and play on the cat tree.  Its a hard life!
Belle and Katy have decided to share maternal duties and care for all the kittens together.  It is lucky I have a big nest box that will fit all the kittens and their mum's in too.  It is lovely to see all the kittens playing together and then fall asleep in one big kitten pile.
The kittens will be going for their final vaccination and vet check this week so they are ready to go to their new homes in two weeks time.
Lovebird is a very affectionate and playful girl.  She loves playing rough and tumble with her litter mates but then she also adores having her tummy tickled or sleeping in the crook of your arm.  Her fur is so soft and fine and she has a beautiful lilac sheen to her coat.  Her nose and paw pads are frosty pink and she is a very beautiful cat to look at.  What she has in looks, she matches in personality and is the most energetic happy little kitten always looking for a game to play.
Lovebird has show potential and is under consideration to stay with us.  However we would consider her leaving us if the perfect home came up.
Firebird is a gentle giant- a loving and affectionate boy who loves to play with his litter mates.  Firebird's greatest love is his food and he eats absolutely everything.  At times I have found him hogging the food dish and not letting any of the other cats near it!  He also likes to chat when he eats and makes some of the strangest noises!  Firebird has eanrt his name from his vibrant red colouring.
We are looking for a special pet home for Firebird.  Please contact us if you feel you could provide such a home.
Opus is one of the softest and most cuddly cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He will climb onto my knee, flop over and beg for his tummy to be tickled with his legs in the air.  He also cuddles up under my chin and purrs away.  Opus loves lots of fuss but he also dotes on his sistter, Phoenix.  He can often be found cleaning her and cuddled up to her.  He doesn't even complain when she steals his toys from him.  Opus is always so happy to see people and makes friends with everyone.  We know he will be very happy in his new home and we couldn't imagine a better one for him then the family he is going to.
Phoenix is our very special girl who although slight in stature, she makes up for this in fiestiness and determination!  She loves running around growling with her mouse and taking toys off her big brothers.  Opus simply dotes on her and never minds sharing his toys, in fact he often gives her a bath as well!   When finally exhausted Phoenix sleeps with all the other kittens in a big heap on their heated bed (she loves the heat, even in July!).   In the day Phoenix can always be found sunbathing, particularly with Opus.  She is a real sun cat!
Phoenix will be staying at home with us.

Week Eleven


The kittens have started playing with Belle's kittens and they all curl up together in a snuggly cat pile.  Enjoy the pictures.

Week Ten


The kittens have been for their vaccinations and vet check this week and have passed with flying colours.  The red boy has discovered his voice today and ran around growling at the other cats and throwing his mouse into the air.  The lilac girl has also been getting very brave.  She went crazy when she smelt bacon this morning and stole it from all the other cats.  She was so nippy it took them a while to realise what this naughty little kitten was doing but then she got a smacked bum from Emunah (who is also rather fond of bacon).
Everytime I sit down, even for a second, I seem to have four kittens climbing on my knee.  They really are the most loving little kittens who want to have cuddles all the time.  Proper velcro kitttens!

We are looking for special homes for our red Oriental boy and lilac Oriental girl.  Please contact me if you feel you could offer such a home.