Week Three - Riobelle Siamese

Week Three


The kittens are getting bigger and more alert now.  They are gaining coordination of their limbs and love lying on their backs playing with their toes in the air.  They are beginning to run although this usually ends in a Bambi on ice moment with the kitten collapsing, limbs everywhere.  One of the apricot boys worked out how to pounce but could only get his front paws off the ground and ended up going round and round in circles rearing up and falling over.
It is lovely to see the kittens grow and develop their personalities.  However there has also been great sadness this week as I lost one of my tortie point Siamese girls.    She needed an emergency operation in the middle of the night after becoming very unwell and unfortunately the operation failed so it was decided to put her to sleep rather than let her go through any more suffering.

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