Week Five


The kittens are five weeks old and growing fast.  They are now toddling around the bedroom and enjoying their new freedom.  Litter training is going well and we haven't had a single accident all week!  However weaning is going very slowly and the kittens much prefer their mum's milk.
The kittens have all been wormed this week, much to their disgust! 
The kittens are so friendly and confident and love a cuddle everytime they see me.  They are even trying out their little purrs.
The kittens, as they were born on Mother's Day, have names meaning 'love';
Amaias- Blue Point girl
Amora- Blue Point girl
Juliette- Blue Tortie Point girl
Sabiha- Seal Point girl
Beau- Cream Point boy
Romeo- Blue Point boy


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