Belle had a very smooth and trouble free pregnancy gaining about 1.4kg over the nine weeks.  She continued to be active until the very end often jumping on top of the wardrobe.  The only thing that thwarted her was being too round to walk across the narrow mantle piece.  Belle is very maternal with the other kittens and a natural mother.  Being 19 months old now it was the perfect time for her to become a mother after a long kittenhood.
Belle went into labour at 4am on 21st May 2011 and quickly delivered six kittens within three hours.  By 7am all the kittens were cuddled up suckling from mum after their trouble free delivery.  Belle has been blissed out happily feeding her kittens and hasn't stopped purring since they were born.  We have five siamese and one oriental lilac in the litter, sexes to follow later.


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